Times of the Day

N R Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 W Y5  Y6
Breakfast Club 7:50-8:10
Doors Open 8:40
Registers Taken 8:50
Break 10:30-10:45 10:15-10:30 10:45-11:00
Lunch 11:45 12:00 12:05
Registers Taken 13:05
School ends 15:05 15:10 15:15 15:10 15:15
After School Clubs 15:15 - 16.15

Early Birds Breakfast Club

We have a very popular Breakfast Club which we are delighted to be able to offer for free due to funding from the Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club scheme. Your child will be able to enjoy various activities and breakfast including fruit juice, cereal, yogurts and toast with various toppings and a choice of fresh fruit.  A ‘special’ breakfast is served on the last day of every term.

You need to register for Breakfast Club the week before, please book via Dojo, email or at the office. The hall door is open from 7:50-8:10am every morning. 

Doors Open & Registers taken

Children come into school and begin their morning learning. Children must not arrive unaccompanied before this time as there is no supervision. Children arriving after this time are required to enter school via the main entrance. We operate an electronic signing in system that is linked to our registers, children who are late must sign in, this is to safeguard the children.

Break & Lunch

Children can bring fruit from home. Free fruit is available for all children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage one.

We encourage children to bring a drink of water to school. It is very important that they remain hydrated throughout the day. Water fountains are also available in school. Should you wish for your child to have a packed lunch rather than a school meal, please ensure that they are healthy. They must not contain excessive amounts of sugary, salty or fatty foods. We are a water only school, which means no juice or fizzy drinks at all.

End of School

All children from Nursery to Year 3 must be collected from the teacher by a responsible adult from their collection point. Children in Years 4-6 may walk home independently from school at the parents/carers discretion. If you are delayed or unable to collect your child, please telephone school.

After School Clubs

After School Club runs from 3.15-4.15 Children get a wide range of activities and snack and the cost is £2 per day.

You need to register for After School Club the week before, please book via Dojo, email or at the school office by 3pm Friday no bookings are taken over the phone.


EYFS use EYFS gate (Nursery/Reception and Year 1 parents can come onto school site to drop
off/ pick up their children)


Year 1 walk around to the Year 1 door through the EYFS gate.

Years 2,3,4,5, and 6

line up on the playground and come into school escorted via a teacher.



EYFS use EYFS gate (Nursery/Reception and Year 1 parents can come onto school site to drop off/ pick up their children)

Year 1 collected at the the Year 1 door.

Year 2,3,4,5 and 6 will exit onto the rear yard.

Children will be picked up from the same place, unless they have written permission to walk home independently (Years 4/5/6 only)