Leadership Team
Executive Headteacher (DDSL): Miss Angela Quirk
Head of School (DDSL): Miss Nicola Hodgson
Early Years & KS1 Leader: Miss Stacey Skinner
KS2 Leader: Mrs Linsey Ritson
SEN Inclusion Leader: Mrs Victoria Smyllie

Safeguarding Team
Principle Learning Mentor (DSL): Mrs Sarah Davies
Executive Headteacher (DDSL): Miss Angela Quirk 
Head of School (DDSL): Miss Nicola Hodgson
Early Years & KS1 Leader (L3): Miss Stacey Skinner
KS2 Leader (L3): Mrs Linsey Ritson
SEN Inclusion Leader (L3): Mrs Victoria Smyllie

Nursery & Reception: Miss Stacey Skinner 
Year 1: Miss Kirsty Wilkinson
Year 2: Miss Amy Creaser
Year 3: Miss Hannah Buckingham
Year 4: Miss Alexandria Armstrong-Squires
Year 5: Miss Sophie Milligan
Year 6: Mrs Linsey Ritson
Interventions Teacher: Mrs Helena Ridehalgh
Woodlands (Resourced Provision): Mrs Victoria Smyllie
Music: Mr Russell Burbush

Teaching Assistants 
Mr Crow, Mrs Young, Mrs Bryden, Mrs Blaney, Mrs Hyde, Mrs Paterson, Mrs Terler, Miss Norman and Miss Hill.

Cover Staff
Miss Rudd (TA), Miss Robertson (TA)

Midday Supervisors
Mrs Adams, Miss Williams, Miss Topliss, Miss Burchett, and Miss Walker.

Office Staff
Mrs Harper, Mrs Bold, Mrs Heron

Caretaker/Cleaning Staff
Mrs Chambers, Mrs Martin, Mrs Adams. 

Staff Training Zone