What is our Curriculum all about?

The curriculum at Westfield Nursery and Primary School comprises all the learning and other development opportunities that pupils experience in our school. The school vision is, 'Be resilient, be respectful, be unique, be our best!’ and this is something we encourage all our pupils to do in order to reach their true potential, wherever their talents may lie.

At Westfield Nursery and Primary School, we offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which takes account of prior knowledge by building on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, whatever their starting points, as they progress through each Key Stage. Our curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and this document forms the basis of our intent when designing the curriculum for our pupils. The aim of our curriculum is for pupils to have the requisite skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners in readiness for their next stage of education. It is important that our curriculum considers the development of the whole child, and does not only concentrate on academic success.

The aim of our school is to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. There is a high focus on developing children’s moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding. We ensure that children are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

As a school we provide a highly inclusive environment where learners can enjoy their education and make very good progress in subjects and areas of learning. Pupils at all levels are helped to achieve their potential. Those who are most able are challenged and supported through appropriate challenging activities. Those who may struggle are encouraged and given targeted support to embed skills, to develop at their own pace or simply to learn in a style that best suits their individual needs. We encourage children to take ownership of their learning and development and develop strategies for working independently and collaboratively. As well as promoting all of these values we ensure that children are fully aware of how to keep themselves safe and what and who to talk to if they need to.

Our focus on curriculum development is always carefully designed to ensure coverage and progression. It provides pupils with memorable experiences, in addition to diverse and rich opportunities from which children can learn and develop a range of transferable skills. The children's own community, its heritage and traditions are frequently used as a starting point for engaging interest. A primary focus of our curriculum is to raise aspirations, engender a sense of personal pride in achievement, and providing a purpose and relevance for learning.

Subject leaders play an important part in the success of the curriculum by leading a regular programme of monitoring, evaluation and review. The innovative practice across the school provides a strong foundation and opportunities for children to work in teams and develop social skills both indoors and out. This curriculum design ensures that the needs of individual and small groups of children can be met within the environment of high quality first wave teaching, supported by targeted, rapid and proven interventions where appropriate. In this way it can be seen to impact in a very positive way on pupil outcomes. Enjoyment of the curriculum promotes achievement, confidence and good behaviour. Children feel safe to try new things. High quality visits and visitors into school enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities for writing for a purpose.

Our curriculum intent is driven by the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. National requirements and school requirements are mapped out as a whole school and then individual year groups plan the curriculum for their pupils accordingly through the use of long term, medium term and weekly planning. The curriculum is underpinned by the school’s Core Values and these are taught on their own and through other areas of the curriculum, including assemblies. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the core values of our school community are woven through the curriculum

You can also visit the Learning section of our website or our class pages to see some curriculum examples.  If you would like any further information related to our curriculum then please contact school and a member of staff will be happy to help you. 




Reading Scheme

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader has become an integral part of our reading curriculum here at  Westfield Nursery and Primary School. The basic principles of the program are that a student reads a book, takes an online quiz, and gets immediate feedback. Students are able to respond to regular feedback and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills.


Accelerated Reader creates a comprehensive set of reports that reveal how much a student has been reading, at what level of complexity, and how well they have understood what they have read. Vocabulary growth and literacy skills are also measured, giving an insight into how well students have responded to reading schemes and class instruction.


There are over 27,000 reading practice quizzes available on books from over 300 publishers and imprints. Accelerated Reader ensures that there are plenty of books to interest every reader available on the programme.




Times Tables Rock Star

Please note only children in Key Stage 2 have a login for this program.

An online game program which allows children to practice their times tables. Children get to create their own Rock star character and compete against other children to see who can answer each question in the fastest time. Each child's learning will be different depending on what level times table they are studying in class. 




An online programme which supports children in the development of their handwriting and letter formation. This programme is accessible to all ages from Nursery to Year 6. It allows the children to refine their handwriting skills and practice these in a fun, interactive manner. Each child has received a log in to access this site at home.