Assemblies and Collective Worship

Assemblies are a cornerstone of our school life, where pupils, teachers and staff come together to celebrate achievements, share important messages, and reinforce our core values. We believe that these gatherings instill a sence of unity, purpose, and shared learning experiences among our pupils. 


Day Classes Involved Type of Assembly Focus of Assembly Staff Leading Assembly
Monday EYFS - Year 6

Celebration Assembly



Attendance winner of the week

Empowering Learning Certificates 

Opportunity to share theme/ focus/ topic/ learn about our school values

Miss Skinner


Tuesday EYFS - Year 6

Class Assembly 


British Values/ Protected characteristics/ safeguarding/ MSSC 


Class teachers/ Teaching Assistants


Wednesday EYFS - Year 6

Whole School Assembly


Cultural Capital Assembly- picture news focus


Miss Hodgson


Thursday EYFS - Year 6

Class Assembly


British Values/ Protected characteristics/ safeguarding/ MSSC 


Class teachers/ Teaching Assistants


Friday EYFS - Year 6

Whole School Assembly




Miss Hodgson



Collective Worship - As a maintained school, we are required under the School Standards & Framework Act 1998 to provide daily collective worship for registered pupils (apart from those withdrawn by parent's consent). 

Legislative requirements:

a) Over a term, the majority of acts of collective worship must be of a ‘broadly Christian character’. This requirement relates to the character of collective worship rather than its content and there is no requirement that acts of collective worship should be narrowly or exclusively Christian.

At Westfield Nursery and Primary School, a broad Christian character is achieved in the majority of acts of collective worship by:

  •  Making reference to God or Jesus when appropriate, always being sensitive to the school community
  •  Encouraging a positive and responsible attitude to the environment
  •  Encouraging a quest for personal honesty and integrity, truth and justice
  •  Encouraging pupils to look beyond the immediate and material to consideration of life’s mysteries
  •  Encouraging love and respect for self and other people
  •  Encouraging service to others and the community
  •  Celebrating major Christian festivals as they occur, (this does not preclude marking major festivals from other religious traditions as they occur)


b) acts of collective worship must be appropriate for the ages, aptitudes and family backgrounds of pupils at the school. At Westfield Nursery and Primary School, we make sure that acts of collective worship are educational, relevant and meaningful by ensuring that collective worship is as inclusive as possible by:

  •  Recognising the diverse nature of commitment of people in the school
  •  Recognising that there are many forms of religious commitment
  •  Choosing songs and prayers to be used carefully so that they are appropriate to the school context
  •  Regarding variety in religion, belief and culture as something to be acknowledged, explored and celebrated rather than avoided, feared and denied
  •  Building festivals from a variety of religious and cultural traditions into the yearly programme

During our school assemblies, links will also be made to British values plus our core school values and vision wherever possible.


MSSC Days (Moral Social Spiritual and Cultural days)

Picture News this week........

This Weeks Question: Is it fair to judge others based on first impressions?

An all-girls football team has won a league dominated by boys' teams, after going unbeaten for an entire season. The Queens Park Ladies U12s finished top of their table with eighteen wins in the group of eleven boys' teams. They were the only girls' team in the Bournemouth Youth Football League, playing in its third division for under-12s. The players, who train twice a week, have now proved themselves against the other teams. 




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