Every week in assembly the children are shown a photograph with a 'Big Question'. The question encourages discussion and children being given the opportunity to voice their own opinions. Sometimes we use videos linked to the question and different scenarios.

The teachers then discuss the question in class and it is adapted to suit each Key Stage and year group. In  achievement assembly the children are again asked the question and they give examples of what they have spoken about and if their opinion has changed/stayed the same and why.

Picture News compliments our Personal, Social and Emotional education and also links directly to British Values. 

All children at Westfield Nursery and Primary School are encouraged to have a voice. Picture News allows us to provide depth to our rich curriculum.

Please see our picture news section for more information. 


On Fridays we have a gold book celebration assembly where 2 children are chosen from each class to receive a Gold book certificate in recognition of their Learning Challenge Behaviour's demonstrated in class. 

.Attendance awards are also celebrated during the assembly with the highest achieving year group being rewarded with a non-uniform day the following week. 

Picture News this week........

The world number two female tennis player Naomi Osaka has withdrawn from the French Open tennis tournament after the controversy over her refusal to speak to the media at the tournament. She announced her decision in a recent Twitter post. The 23-year-old Japanese player said last week she would not do news conferences at the event to protect her mental health.