Every week in assembly the children are shown a photograph with a 'Big Question'. The question encourages discussion and children being given the opportunity to voice their own opinions. Sometimes we use videos linked to the question and different scenarios.

The teachers then discuss the question in class and it is adapted to suit each Key Stage and year group. Our pupil voice children go around the classes during the week to get a variety of children's feedback to the big question and this is then added to the display board. 

Picture News compliments our Personal, Social and Emotional education and also links directly to British Values. 

All children at Westfield Nursery and Primary School are encouraged to have a voice. Picture News allows us to provide depth to our rich curriculum. 

On Fridays we have a gold book celebration assembly where 2 children are chosen from each class to receive a Gold book certificate in recognition of their Learning Challenge Behaviour's demonstrated in class. 

.Attendance awards are also celebrated during the assembly with the highest achieving year group being rewarded with a non-uniform day the following week. 

Picture News this week........

This Weeks Question: Are some jobs more important than others?

Nurses in the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) union have voted for the union's first UK-wide strike in its 106 year history. The action will involve RCN members in more than half of hospitals and community teams, but emergency care will not be affected. Pat Cullen, who is the General Secretary of the RCN, has said nurses are getting an infair deal and that 'members are saying enough is enough'. She also reports that the strike is for patients as well as workers, because staffing shortages are impacting access to healthcare across the UK. Nursing vacancies are at a record high, meaning staff are stretched and reguarly working beyond the end of their shifts.