Sport & PE

Sport and P.E.

At Westfield Nursery and Primary School we believe that sport and physical education are fundamental to the early development of children's skills. Through participation in sport and P.E., children learn the key values of:

  • Honesty
  • Team work
  • Fair play
  • Respect for themselves and others
  • Adherence to rules

They also provide opportunities for children to cope with and understand winning and losing; and in this way sport and P.E. impact on children's social and moral development, whilst learning new skills.  It is our aim that all children take part in whole school events such as sports day. We have a number of highly successful teams, who take part in competitive events in the school calendar; inter-school competitions and festivals, gymnastic competitions and locally organised events.  Whilst receiving high quality P.E. lessons for teachers and professional coaches weekly, our children also have a wide number of opportunities to participate in after school club sports activities, Gymnastics, Dance, Netball, Dodge Ball and Football clubs take place in school.