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We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we have with the children in the class, and their parents/carers. We want the children in our class to thrive both personally and academically, and we want parents/carers to know that we will work together to do the best for their child.

If you would like to find out more about your child’s learning, or discuss any concerns you have, please do not hesitate to talk to a member of the Year 4 team (or leave a message with the main office and we will get back to you).

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Miss Hodgson and Mrs Young. 

Our learning journey 2022-2023

Our Curriculum map

Autumn Term 1 2022-2023 

Science- States of matter

As Scientists we planned a experiment, which was a fair test, to find out which is the quickest way to melt an ice cube. We thought about what we would keep the same, change, and observe.

To understand the particle model, and how particles act in a solid, liquid and gas, we acted as the particles in a solid, liquid and gas.

We also made our own vanilla chocolate -chip Ice cream to discover how a solid, liquid or gas can change state! 

PHSE- Healthy Eating

We learnt about what makes up a balanced diet with Chef Martin from Caterlink. He even taught us how to make a healthy snack we could have at break time, which we enjoyed trying!

Our learning journey 2021-2022

Geography- Where would you build a settlement?

We went on a local trip to Workington Beach to look at Workington town as a modern settlement.  We tried to see the human geographical features such as residential, industrial, retail, leisure and agricultural areas. 


In STEM week we discovered lots of things. We:

  • met a Forensic Scientist, and got to try being Forensic Scientists at a crime scene
  • investigated which recipe makes the best slime
  • designed a container to quickly & safely get an egg down a zip wire
  • tried to understand more about the structure of DNA
  • investigated switches in electrical circuits, and tried to make our own
  • engineered bridges, which could hold a tin of beans
  • made our own musical instruments and discovered how vibrations can make sound.

Maths- Number Day

We practically investigated the area of different things our classroom using post-it notes to help us measure the area. 

History- Who lived in the Indus Valley and what did we learn from them?

We had a virtual session with the British Museum all about the Indus Valley and what we can learn from archaeological objects.

Science- Living things and their habitats

In Science, we explored what living things are in our school, and made bug hotels to encourage insects to come into our environment.

PE- Wheelchair basketball

We had a great session playing wheelchair basketball with Nat. Mrs Young even got involved too!

History- Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?


In History, we became archaeologists! We went on an archaeological dig in Woodlands garden to find Roman artefacts!

Science- Animals including Humans (Digestion & Food Chains)


In Science, we found out about the different types of teeth and their functions, by acting like teeth with a bread roll.


Miss Hodgson


Mrs Young

Senior Teaching Assistant




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This half term our PE day is on Wednesday


Every day your child must have their:

  • Reading book
  • Water bottle
  • Packed lunch - or has ordered a school dinner at home
  • Jumper and a coat 



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