School Lunches

At Westfield Nursery & Primary School we encourage all children to  have a school prepared meal.  Our provider CaterLink provide a variety of meals which the children and staff really enjoy.  In school we use a computerised ordering system, the children are able to choose which meal they would like to eat on a daily basis.

Children are able to order from home if they set up the home ordering login,  please speak to the office if you would like to do this.

We have a fixed cost of £1.90 per day for our school meals.  A nursery child's meal is charged at £1.20 per day.  We ask that all meals are paid for before the children take them. Arrears reminders will be issued weekly by text message.


Free School Meals & Uniform grant

We have a number of parents who already claim Free School Meals for their child in one of our classes.  This can be confusing because ALL children in Years reception to Year 2 get Universal Free School Meals but not all children are entitled to the uniform grant. 

If you are out of work or in a low paid job you may be entitled to the uniform grant which runs alongside the Free School Meals, as a school it helps us if people who are entitled to claim do claim as a lot of statistics are based around these figures, you may also benefit from receiving the Uniform Grant for your child.  If you have older children who receive Free School Meals you should be entitled to receive a uniform grant for the younger children as well but you will need to add them onto your claim.

To see if you are eligible please register here. Fill in the online form and you will be told whether or not you qualify (the checking process can take a few days).